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Treasure Valley Baptist Church’s after high school group is called ‘College and Career.’ A recent push led to an interest in a new logo which I happily volunteered for. The logo was created following the UX process, and involved many of the same steps as UX/UI design. 

Hats Worn

⛈   Concepting

🗺   Wireframing

♻️   Prototyping

👂🏽   UX research

📢   Visual design

User Research

To get an idea of what the group was looking for I began with an audit of the groups definition. Each member was asked to write out a one to three sentence definition of the group. In their own words they were to describe what this group meant to them and what they expected out of this class. Once I had received all of the notes, I compiled them to identify the most common words and phrases. Besides the expected emphasis on making a positive impact in the world and service, there was an overwhelming sentiment of longing for a team, group, and a place to belong. This idea of working together and belonging was what I felt the logo should focus on.


Competitive Research

From the beginning, I had wanted the logo to make use of negative space. I used the competitive research portion of the design process to look for examples of negative space logos that communicated several ideas at once. While I did not find any specific ideas to draw from, looking at the solutions others had created helped get me into the negative space mood and start to look for solutions that solved that.



The first real creative step in logo design is the sketching. This correlates to the wire-framing step of the UI design process. The idea is to get as many ideas on paper without any filter. Put it all down, and don’t edit. The more ideas you create now the more you will think of new ways to put your main elements together. I actually discovered the form we decided to use in the final in the first few iterations of the logo. This is not always the case, and sketching should continue until the designer has several concepts that are potential candidates for a final design.

college and career wireframe


I then presented my sketches to some of the key stakeholders to get feedback on the direction of the product. The negative space logo was well received and I began the prototyping phase. This involves creating a passable ‘final design’ that can be tested with users. I used Illustrator to create a vector shape and Photoshop to put the logo onto several different materials and objects such as coffee mugs and t-shirts.

college and career prototype

User Interviews and Testing

The logo mockups were then shown to about five members of the group for feedback. Their initial feedback was fairly positive, however, one 'user' reported the logo needed some adjustment. After reviewing the feedback it was obvious that changes were needed.

college and career tag logo


It was a quick fix to change the logo to resolve the issues reported. Once the logo was adjusted more testing was performed and the fixes were deemed successful. 

Clean Up

Once the testing was complete and the stakeholders were happy with the changes, the logo was ‘locked.’ I then double checked the files and exported them in a variety of formats for production on a range of physical products. 

college and career tshirt design

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